Tuesday, July 23, 2019

This is what writing looks like

I was writing today, working on my next YA novel. It's been taking shape in my head, piece by creative piece, over the past few months.

So today I did some serious writing and this is what it looked like.

My Workspace:

This place was crowded, let me tell you. Voices everywhere, all telling me their stories. Scenes unfolding. Conversations between characters. Stuff happening. I walked from from one end of the beach to the other, over and over. Writing, writing, listening, thinking. Writing.

There Were Distractions:

Deer prints in the office, and mysterious noises coming from just beyond, over the bank. Was I about to be interrupted by a visitor? (As it turned out, I wasn't).

Treasures and Rewards

Every now and then the scenes stopped rolling, the voices were silent, and I found treasures. That happens sometimes when you're writing - something unexpected arrives and you just have to stop and absorb it: not a distraction, not an interruption. More like a treasure, or a reward.

Sea glass haul

Driftwood and tide lines

Life and death. Ave atque vale, Crab

Once a fisherman's homemade buoy

Not a single word on paper or typed into a document on my computer.

But still a successful day of writing. Feels good.

Good night!

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