Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Shout-Out to Mr. Toly’s Class: What Next?

When I come to the end of a book I’ve enjoyed, I find myself wondering “OK, but what happens next?” I want to know what the characters – who seem like real people to me after all we’ve been through together – are going to do now that the story is over.

So now you’ve come to the end of Wild Dog Summer. You’re leaving BJ and Craig and Mrs. Kelsey and everyone else behind as you turn the final page and close the book. Their story is done – or is it?

When I finished writing this story, I had a hard time letting the characters go. In fact, a number of years later, I called up BJ and wrote another story in which she features as an important (though not the central) character. I guess I just couldn’t say good-bye. (This story is called The Toymaker’s Son and it will be available soon).

Is it all “happily ever after” for these characters? I’d love to hear what you thought of Wild Dog Summer, and I’d especially love to know what you think happens next in BJ's world.
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  1. I enjoyed reading this novel.I liked that I could relate to some of the characters. after this story I think that B.J and Craig will become better friends and maybe even start to date.

  2. I thought Wild Dog Summer was a good book because it was a intersesting story to read.

    I think BJ will grow up and maybe even marry Craig, then have a baby named Joe.

  3. I thought that this book was great. I liked how all the events in the story are possible and they weren't far fetched. Great job Jean Mills.

    I predict that Craig's father will die and Craig will have to move in with the Kelsey's.

  4. I really enjoyed the novel Wild Dog Summer. I found it very interesting throughout the whole novel. I was happy that you made it exciting right at the start.

    I think Betty Jane will become a famous writer in a top-selling magazine.

  5. I think that Craig and BJ will get married and will live in Rosehill. They will have two kids and a dog of their own. I think BJ will become a writer and Craig will become a mechanic.

    I thought that Wild Dog Summer was great. I liked how everyone made up at the end. Awesome job on the book Jean Mills! I will look forward to Toymaker's Son.

  6. I thought the Novel Wild Dog Summer was very intresting and I would like to read The Toymaker's Son soon. I think I will buy your Books.

    I think BJ will meet a Toymaker's Son and will be good friends with him and the Toymaker. I think BJ will be a writer for the newspaper and the school newspaper. I think a new kid will move into her school and he will be a Toymaker's son.

  7. I thought the book was really good especially at the end when Craig told BJ that the accident was really Joe's fault because he grabbed the wheel!

    I think that BJ will continue to write for the newspaper and then a newspapper editor from a famous newspapper will see her article and ask her to write for his or her newspaper.

  8. I thought Wild Dog Summer was a good book because there was no boring part in the novel.

    I think B.J. will not have any more problems and she will create problems for the main character.

  9. i enjoyed wild dog summer because it alwyas kept you hangjing, until the end. ican't wait to read the toy makers son!

    my prediction is that bj will get her owne magizine and that cam will print it for her.

  10. I liked the novel because it shows that you can forgive no matter what!

    I think they will all help the mother coydog not get caught by the trapper.

  11. I enjoyed this book because it is supenseful and exciting.

    I think Bj will grow up and marry Craig. Craig will be a toymaker. They will have a son.

  12. I thought it was good. There were some exciting and some not that exciting parts but altogether it was a good book.

    I think if there was a next book BJ and Craig would get married.

  13. I enjoyed wild dog summer because it was exciting. I think in the next book BJ will be the top writer for the newspaper.

  14. I liked the book b/c it had good thrilling parts like when the barn burnt down.

    I think B.J will live a better life now that her mom and Craig have got back to treating each other with respect and not feeling hate.

  15. I thought it was good because it was exiting and realistic.

    Prediction:I think that BJ and Craig will grow up, get married, have kids, and raise coydogs.

  16. I think Craig will go and get his diploma. I think B.J. will become a important person and have money because of her bravery and passion. I also think that because she did something really important.

    I thought the novel was good but not as intense as "Hatchet" (the first novel we read this year) because your novel was a little slower, less bang, bang, bang, more kaboom, kaboom throughout the novel. Other than that the book was very interesting and wowing. Your book has good timing, the things happen on cue. In "Hatchet" I thought: "I want to keep reading after every chapter". In your book I felt there were 5 or 6 chapters that made me think: "Can we keep reading?"

  17. I enjoyed this book very much because it seems so bad for BJ but then it immediately changes for the good when Craig saves her.

    I predict that BJ and Craig will get married and have kids.One of their kids will named CJ and another named Jaig.

  18. how many copys of the old wild dog summer did you sell compared to the new redone copy