Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Annual Writing Contest Adventure: The Elora Writers' Festival Writing Competition 2012

Volunteerism is something that most of us take seriously. It's hard to find the time and energy in a busy life to commit to an obligation outside of family and job. 

This wolf is on a journey in the Yukon...
And if you're a writer, as I am, it's even harder to give up potential creative time in order to contribute to a cause or organization.

But we do it anyway, don't we? Not for glory and not for thanks: we do it because we believe strongly in the causes we support.

Outside of health, happiness and the well-being of those I love, I don't think there's anything that means more to me than writing, so when I have the chance, I do my best to help support writers and spread the word of books, reading and writing.

One of my favourite volunteer commitments, the annual EWF Writing Competition, is about to rev up for another year. The Call for Entry is almost ready to go, and the Frequently Asked Questions page is drafted and waiting. A few more loose ends need to be tied up and then - the official announcement.

Stay tuned here at Writer's Life and also at the Festival blog, Elora Writers' Festival, for all the news on this year's adventure.

Psssst! Want a hint? This year, the competition has a theme: A Journey....


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  1. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for my submissions to judge. It's so much fun!